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My Story


Welcome to BG on the Go | Crowned By Brittany. 

My name is Brittany or BG! I am a traveling artist servicing surrounding areas. I believe in being able to express yourself through your hairstyle. Growing up biracial my mom sometimes had a hard time doing my hair so in between hair salon visits I would practice on myself. I've always had an eye for funky and unique styles that would stand out. I enjoyed mastering new styles so much that I would do hair during P.E. in middle school. The beauty industry have been a passion of mine since a little girl.

Over 10 years later I can truly say I feel confident in my work. I am now fully operating in my purpose and ready to showcase everything I have learned over the years. I offer various hairstyles for everyone however I am most famous for my stitch braids. I enjoy connecting with people and making them feel beautiful and confident through my creations. My goal is to provide knowledge, products and care to my clientele to maintain and up keep their healthy hair!

Thank you for choosing to book with me and don't forget to leave a review! 

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